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LoFric® Cath-Kit™ Male
LoFric® Cath-Kit™ allows for greater freedom for self-catheterization when access to a toilet is restricted in hospitals or at home. For some patients, visiting a toilet to perform intermittent catheterisation can be difficult. LoFric Cath-Kit combines the hydrophilic low-friction catheter LoFric with its own urine drainage bag, so that urine can be collected hygienically, and disposed of conveniently. All the user needs is a source of clean water to wet the catheter, then they are able to use a hygienic no-touch technique when catheterising. LoFric Cath-Kit is a closed system - the drainage bag is used to wet the catheter with clean water, to collect and retain the urine, and finally allows for discreet disposal without having access to a toilet. LoFric® Cath-Kit™ comes individually wrapped in a peel-open pack. 25/Box, 2 Boxes/Case.
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LoFric® Cath-Kit™ Male